I bought a Yorkie from you about 3 years ago. I named her Abby. I had just lost my Yorkie of 8 years when I called you about getting another Yorkie. I told you that I wanted a small compact yorkie that was very affectionate and loving.

Well, I just wanted you to know that my Abby is the joy of my life. She is so precious and has the sweetest disposition. She sleeps on my pillow right beside my head every single night. Her little snores are just adorable.

I just wanted to say thank you 3 years later for making me the proudest mommy I know. Abby is so tiny and is about 4 lbs. Every day I thank God for letting me be Abby's mother, and I wanted you also to know how grateful I am. You really listened when I told you what kind of baby I was looking for. You made a perfect match bringing Abby and I together!

Judy I.


Every day that passes, I am happier that we chose him (actually, I think it was the other way around) He is so sweet and doesn't mind strangers petting him. He is good with little kids - and they always want to see him, cuz he's just so darned cute. I can't believe it's only been seven weeks - he's learned so much and discovered so many new things.

Next week is graduation from puppy school. He has done so well. He may be the smartest yorkie I've ever had. I think I told you my first one earned a C.D. title. Honestly, Beau is picking things up quicker than that dog did. He knows sit, stay, down, come, shake "hands", crawl, and he will even heel off leash with me in the house. You just can't imagine how cute he is doing his stuff. He is just the best little dog ever.

We also play "tennis". Our house is down the hill from some tennis courts and about two weeks ago, Beau found one of the balls in the driveway and carried it back to the front door. A tennis ball is almost as big as his head, so I was amazed that he could even pick the ball up. Then he began to strut down the sidewalk with it and didn't drop it until we got back to the door. I've taught him to fetch it when I throw it and bring it back to me. It's something new every day that makes me laugh at him. It remains a daily pleasure to watch him discover the world.

He is loved more with each passing day and we are so grateful to have him in our lives. THANKS AGAIN!

Elaine Curtis and Beau

Satisfied Customers


I have purchased two beautiful yorkies from Debbie. I have found Debbie to be very fair. She cares for her babies. She provides you with a puppy pack that includes everything from grooming to feeding and so much in between! The information she includes is very informative. I get so many compliments about my two girls. The transaction was smooth. I have seen lots of yorkies and Debbie by far has the cutest. They may be a bit expensive, however quality is not cheap! The babies are very socialized and friendly and provide you with lots of kisses. She keeps her puppies until she is sure they are ready for their new homes. Debbie truly has some beautiful Yorkshire terriers.

Jeanette Velez


Yes, yes, yes I would recommend Debbie and Yorkmont Yorkies. We had a Sheltie which lived for 16+ years. I decided I wanted a lap dog and found Debbie thru the Internet. I purchased a brother and sister in July of 07'. And then another girl in July 08'. They are now 3-1/2 years and 2-1/2 years. I cannot even imagine my life without them. All three have been healthy and are such good companions. They were easy to train and listen well. I've trained them to go outside to you the bathroom and also to use the padded pee pads inside. Never thought I'd do that but when it's raining or snowing(like last winter) they're great. My three weigh between 2.4 lb and 3.6 lb so they would have gotten lost in the snow storms last winter.

I just can't say enough good about Debbie. Even after years now of having my puppies I still talk with her. No matter what my questions are she is there for me. I recommend her strongly. I'd not consider going to anyone but Debbie.

Regards, Camile H. Wood

I have bought six yorkies from Debbie and they are just my babies, I do not breed. I would highly recommend her. I have owned Yorkies for 35 years and I can tell you from personal experience that her dogs are very well adjusted, healthy and beautiful. I keep going back for more.

Cynthia, "Arielle, Tessie, Abigail, and Mad Maxx"

I think Debbie is one of the best!! I have a couple of her babies and I will get my next one from her as well. They came to me healthy ,and well socialized. They are so sweet. Some of the most loving babies.

Always and God Bless,


Yorkmont Yorkshire Terriers IS the best as far as I'm concerned. I got my male there. Debbie is a first class professional dog breeder. My dog had a complete written health/exam/certificate, micro chipped, was neutered, very social, has an excellent silky coat, ( my hair should look and feel like this little dog, ha ha) just a wonderful beautiful little boy with excellent patellas. She gives you a nursery package that is fantastic. Books, info, tips etc. Everything to make the transition to its new home easy and less stressful for the pup and you. My sister in law went with me to see these beautiful puppies and was so impressed with the owner and the quality of the yorkies that after picking mine out she went back and got one for her too. I am looking to buying another one from her because two are even more fun. I don't believe there is anyone better than her if you are looking for a healthy, well adjusted, beautiful and quality yorkie!

PS. YES I did go back and buy myself another one. So I have two yorkies from this breeder who are my furkids. I spoil them rotten but with a firm hand if you know what I mean.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Debbie and her yorkies. The one regret that I do have is that....I wished I had found her sooner when I was younger. Think of all the beautiful puppies I could have shared my life with. What are you waiting for?

Buy one you won't be disappointed!

Patricia with...Spartacus & Yankee Doodle Dandy

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